Director – Jim Choi


About Wagon Equipment & RPL

Wagon Equipment started out more than 15 years ago by Jim Choi and has since been at the forefront of dealing with Timber Decking, Fencing and Golf Course related equipment. Back in 2000 after reading reports of toxic in pressure-treated wood/timber, Wagon Equipment started using High-density polyethylene (HDPE) PLASTIC LUMBER for landscaping needs such as fences, decks, garden furniture, gazebos docks and golf course equipment.

Hence, Our in-house brand RPL was established. RPL supplies high quality PLASTIC LUMBER mainly for decking, fencing and other outdoor applications.

Our products have been scientifically tested and comes with a 20 year product warranty. Our track record of serving many satisfied clients is a testament to our success and we look forward to serving you!

Advantages of  Using RPL HDPE Plastic Timber

  • - Recyclable
  • - Does not Decompose
  • - Environmentally Friendly – no harm to the habitat, plants, trees , animals or humans. Etc
  • - Ultraviolet Protected
  • - Maintenance Free - Does not Rot, Rust, Corrode, Warp, Chip, splinter dent, or become brittle
  • - Resistant against oil, salt & chemicals
  • - Non-Absorbent against liquids, oil, bacteria, larvae & bugs
  • - No Treatment Required – Can be stained, Painted and pressure-washed
  • - Easy to work with – can be cut, drilled, screwed, glued, sanded or riveted
  • - Easy Installation
  • - Long Lasting
  • - Aesthetically Nice – Natural Wood Grain Appearance, No Fading
  • - Termite Proof


* RPL Plastic Lumber is not WPC

* It is 100% HDPE and outperforms WPC composite